Saturday, January 31, 2009

We only had two--imagine 14,000

Despite Sarah Palin's delusion otherwise, we had only two choices in November: Obama or McCain. (I'm not counting the libertarian candidate, sorry).

The elections in Iraq wrapped up without "major" violence today. They had 14,000 candidates running for 440 council seats all over Iraq. A full 1/4 of the candidates were women, too. In case you missed the news last night:

There was a skirmish over whether or not a voter could bring a cell phone into a polling place. I guess it isn't that outrageous considering cell phones are many Iraqis' only means of communication and when you think about teenagers getting shot for their Air Jordans not that long ago.

A few bombs were disarmed, some mortars exploded near a polling place (no casualties). I suppose that could be categorized as no "major" violence.

And here we thought long lines and under-staffed poling places were bad?

The preliminary results won't be in until Tuesday. Then we'll see what happens in terms of how they cope with outcomes (think Coleman vs Franken only with lots and lots of AK47s).

I'm grateful they had elections and hope that things turn out well.

In our own world of politics

Seems the GOP has a new leader. He's got a bit of an identity crisis, which apparently the GOP is willing to overlook. Only two years ago in his Senatorial campaign he used the word "Republican" only twice, and even distributed signs that read simply: "Steele: Democrat". So, it appears as though the GOP has its first African American Leader (who also happens to be a closeted Democrat). I don't know how much you know about this guy, but I think he's an ass. But then again, look who his chums are.

I cannot wait to get online today and read the uproar in the right-wing-nutteries.

It's a good day, this Saturday January 31.

Hope it's good for you all, too.


cmacivor January 31, 2009 at 2:23 PM  

The uproar in the right wing nutteries landed on my blog! Thanks for the tip about Michael Steele. I wanted to look into his background, but have not had time yet due to the many militants on my blog. They are getting really crazy.

Great post. i was happy so many women voted and wish more had done so. Sadly Iraq has not yet returned to the amount of stability that it had pre-war.

Aliceson February 1, 2009 at 9:21 AM  

Voting is a first step and so many women involved- fantastic!

And you've been tagged, hope you can play along.

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