Friday, January 23, 2009

The Writing Groove and the Pink Fuzzy Thing

I've lost my groove. And I suspect a lot of it has to do with a stuffed, fuzzy, pink, horned thing.

Let me explain.

Here's how the day usually goes (since I am not teaching this semester):
I wake up with Tom, eat breakfast.
I read my online newspapers and see what's happening in the world
Tom goes to the lab (or to teach)
I take my laptop to living room to work on my diss
I write for a couple of hours (sometimes longer, depending on how the groove is going)
Reward self by writing blog post just before lunch

Afternoons vary but usually they involve blogging, commenting on blogs and either revising the writing I did in the morning or writing more content for whatever chapter I'm on. I take a 40 minute break to walk on the treadmill (when I'm being good).

Mixed in with that is usually laundry and dishes and cleaning; if Emma's in the mood I play with her.

So, pretty much, I am alone all day, everyday (except Emma, who like any typical cat sleeps most of the time). Which is good for someone like me who is a writer.

Lately, though, recall as I mentioned a few days ago that I am house/dog sitting for a friend. Her computer is not my laptop. Her computer sits at a very tiny desk; my friend is barely 4"5' (or 4'5" I never know which is which), but you get the picture--she's petite.

I haven't written using a desktop keyboard in so long I have to look where the keys are. Again the backspace is my nemesis. She's got all of these great pictures all over the room that I keep looking at (tropical vacations, family, friends). I was on one of those trips with her; I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

There's an old family trunk atop which sits family chockies, a mail scale, her framed Reiki certification, and two cute, stuffed, little, gray kittens dressed in human clothes.

Little angel statues sit on the desk shelves. A weirdly cute, hippo-faced, pink, fluffy thing with a horn covered in gold shiny fabric on its forehead, that I keep looking at, sits atop the computer desk, looking at me. I can't tell what the heck it's supposed to be. It's even got velvet pink feet and ears. I wish I had my camera; I'd take a picture and get your feedback.

I know what it's thinking. It's thinking I should just give up right now and go have a glass of wine.

I think/tell it, "I cannot, little, pink, fuzzy, horned thingy-- it's just after 8AM." My friend has some choice vino in full stock here.

Add to this that I am still on meds for my back. Goofy, fun meds if you don't need to be able to make coherent sentences or follow a thought to completion. I am so grateful I am not making as ass of myself on front of 20 freshman twice daily. At least no one can see me. I've reread some of my more recent posts and they seem alright.

I think I need to be at my own home.

I don't understand those folks who spend hours writing at Starbucks or other coffee houses. I guess they have gotten into their writing groove in their own way. I cannot write with any noise. No music, no talking. Silence.

Did I mention I am dog-sitting, too? He's adorable but demands a lot of sweaky toy throwing and petting and treats and letting out and playing tug with a pull toy. I don't feel guilty for not exercising. Rocky (the dog--a cocker-springer mix) is keeping me in shape with all of the throwing and the pulling and the fishing of his squeaky ball out of the part of the snow-covered yard where he poops (ew; took only one time for me to figure out that's not a good spot to throw the toy).

But writing for my diss? Nah.

I'm just glad she has access to the internets.

Otherwise I might just listen to that pink, fuzzy, gold-winged (I just now noticed those), thingy and go get a glass of wine.

(Oh, I think it's supposed to be a dragon?)

Then I'd be drunk blogging and we all know that can never be good. My kiver and lidneys wouldn't like it too much either. I mean, liver and kidneys.

I hope you all are having wonderful Fridays.

May no pink, little, fuzzy, horned, (and winged!) toys throw you off your A-Game today.

Talk to you manana.

PS: In case you missed it yesterday there was quite a stir in the comments section for yesterday's post. Seems I got me a troll (second one, I think).


cmacivor January 23, 2009 at 10:40 AM  

Happy Friday Skye and here's to you (clink)

Arlene January 23, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

I hope your back gets better soon. I too have had days (yesterday!) of sitting in front of the computer all day, but not getting dressed. It is strange to be out of the normal routine. I would be careful about the powers of the pink fuzzy thing. I met someone a few months ago that had a toy bearhead on a stick that swore it could talk. Not kidding. Wish I was. Managed to get out of the house for an hour today! Take care.

Aliceson January 23, 2009 at 11:21 AM  

Have a nice weekend. Going home soon?

Sidhe January 23, 2009 at 11:37 AM  

Have a wonderful weekend! I think I have one of those things on top of my tv...I'll send you a picture (but ony after I've drank a couple of bottles, I mean glasses, of wine).

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