Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recession, foreign relations, and a rube

According to the AP, Rhode Island now leads the country in what is being called a "Deep Recession" by some analysts. Unemployment stands at 9.3% as of last November.

What is really hitting home for lots of families is that the decline of our economy is sharpening despite all of the dollars being printed and thrown at the problem. I am starting to think the folks with the padlock combination for the bank vaults at the US Treasury really have no clue what they are doing.

It's not that surprising either, given that even big-wigs in the banking industry didn't understand the higher math (derivative calculus) that was the model for capitalism for the past eight years.

Yes, mathematicians were controlling the markets, not economists or those with an education in finance.

Sound familiar?

Think Michael Brown and the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina not that long ago.

In 2004 Bush replaced almost half of his cabinet positions, despite the promise in his acceptance speech that he would reach across the proverbial aisle. Nothing like changing horses in midstream (to horses who've never been in the water before).

Today, one of the best and brightest women in the US starts her confirmation hearing with the foreign relations committee for the Secretary of State position in Obama's cabinet. I was a bit leery of this choice (for my own personal reasons) but I am glad that she is getting a shot at the job. I think we need her steel and confidence heading into the mess created by the shoot first, ask questions later diplomacy that has become the hallmark of US foreign relations.

It is important, now more than ever, that we, as Americans put aside our beefs with each other and support our government AND criticize things we don't agree with by keeping in touch with our local and state representatives.

My lower back willing, I'm going to a peace rally for Gaza on Thursday afternoon on campus. It is being sponsored by a coalition of peace-proponents from across the spectrum:

The Lebanese International Organization,
Purdue Arab Society,
The Lafayette Area Peace Coalition (LAPC),
The Iranian Cultural Club,
The Turkish Student Association,
Amnesty International,
The Muslim Student Association.

I can't shake the disappointment that the local Hillel foundation is conspicuously absent from that list.

Our world needs more people involved who can put peace before ideology. Put hope and humanity before theology. It is only by this route, I believe, that our world will begin to heal.

If nothing else, it will give me something to think about instead of the speech Bush is planning to give on Thursday night. More and more I am starting to think about how he and Palin are cut from the same cloth.

Despite whatever tripe trips from his tongue on Thursday, this is what he's really thinking, swagger and delusional confidence aside:

Go 'way now, Georgie.

PS: Is it just me, or do any of you feel the momentum building again as we head into the final few days before the inauguration?

Thought for the day: Support our troops. We need them home. Out of harms way.


True Blue Texan January 13, 2009 at 10:10 AM  

Very well said, Skye. And I love the photo of Bush at the end. Kinda sums up the past 8 years doesn't it?

Aliceson January 13, 2009 at 11:42 AM  

Did you happen to catch his news conference yesterday, no wonder no one takes us seriously. What a joke!

I think that with what's happening overseas, Hillary is a great choice. She's definately got the balls!

Hope you're back starts to feel better soon, and watch out for the ice outside, Yowza!

Seeing Eye Chick January 13, 2009 at 4:13 PM  

In the military--back in the day, when you dealt with Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dumbs, You would say that, "Bush and Palin were hatched from the same egg."

And yea, I heard part of that news conference with Bush. Holy Guacamole that man is dumber than a bag of hammers. He doesnt even have sense to feel mad about being used as an evil corporate finger puppet by Rove, and Cheney and the Oil Companies.

willpen January 13, 2009 at 7:33 PM  

"W" can protest as much as he wants. He simply cannot change history.

I was trying to follow Hilary's confirmation hearing today at work. The morning was like a mutual admiration society. The afternoon was a bit bumpier, but they need to confirm her ASAP, because we need her in there as soon as Obama hits the ground running.

Hope you are feeling better and go get them at that rally. Rally for me too.

Don Smith January 14, 2009 at 4:40 AM  

It is apparent at this point in time, it is NOT working and it is going to get worse.


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