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ARRA 2009: Titles VII and VIII

Here's a link to funding cuts since the bill has been in the Senate. It's pretty diffuse (for example the TSA lost 200 million, but they still have 1 billion), but a couple programs got hit hard.

For those of you visiting from Margaret and Helen, here's the link Honolulu Sally was referring to yesterday in her kind comment. Also, thanks to Raji for linking to me, too.

If you a perusing these titles, bear in mind when looking at them; they are mostly standard items found in a Federal budget. I am starting to think of the bill as gap coverage brought on by the failing economy. Very few of these fund appropriations are new therefore they should not be considered pork.

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This post presents Title VII and VIII funds as found in the earliest revision by the Senate.

Again, look for funds for "construction", "education", "outreach".

These words= jobs.

Title VII: (114-122)
Department of the Interior, Environment and related agencies

135 million: Bureau of Land Management
180 million: construction
15 million: wild fire management
190 million: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service resource management
--110 million: construction
158 million: Operation of National Parks Service
55 million Historic Preservation Fund
589 million: construction
135 million USGS (United States Geological Survey; the earthquake folks)

40 million: Bureau of Indian Affairs
522 million: construction
10 million: Indian Guaranteed Loan Program Account

62 million: Assistance to the territories
7.6 million: Inspector General
20 million: Central Hazardous Materials Fund

800 million: Superfund cleanup
200 million: Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund

6.4 billion: State and Tribal Assistance Grants
-- 4 billion: Clean Water Act enforcement and construction
--300 million: diesel emission reduction

Department of Agriculture
Forest Service:
650 million: capital improvement and maintenance
650 million: wild land fire management

Department of Health and Human Services
135 million: Indian Health Service
--50 million for contract health services
--85 million for health information technology
410 million: Indian health facilities

150 million Smithsonian

Title VIII (123- 192)
Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education
3.25 billion Employment and Training administration
Not more than 1 billion for youth activies
1 billion in state grants to retrain dislocated workers
--250 million program for competitive grants for worker training in high growth and emerging industry sectors
200 million for national emergency grants
120 million: Community service employment for older Americans
400 million: State unemployment insurance and employment service operations
-- 250 million for reemployment services
160 million for construction, alteration and repairs of buildings Office of Job Corps
3 million Inspector General

1.08 billion: Health and Human services
--88 million: leasing and renovating a Headquarters for Public Health Service Agencies
--1 billion grants for construction, renovation and equipment
412 million CDC repairs for labs
300 million National Center for Research Purposes
2.7 billion Office of the Director
-- 500 million for maintenance of buildings and facilities
700 million for clinical effectiveness research of drugs

2 billion Payments to states for the Child Care and Development Block Grant
-- 93 million for activities that improve the quality of infant and child care
400 million: Social Services Block Grant
1 billion: Children and Families Services Block Program (200 million until September 2010)
100 million: Administration on Aging and Aging Services Programs
--67 million for Congregate Nutrition services
-- 33 million for Home delivered Nutrition Services (Meals on wheels)

5 billion Office of the Secretary Office of the National Coordinator for Health
-- 4 million: office of the Inspector General

5.8 billion: Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund
-- 750 million for the immunization program
--600 million training, grants, loan repayment, and scholarships
-- 60 million for research
-- 40 million information technology improvements
-- 15 million for equipment and treatment related to newborn screening

Department of Education
13 billion: Education for the Disadvantaged
--5.5 billion grants
--5.5 billion: education finance incentive grants
2 billion for school improvements

17.07 billion for School Improvement Programs (Elementary and Secondary schools)
13.5 billion for special education

610 million for Rehabilitation Services and disability research
13.869 billion for student financial aid
100 million: Higher Education
3.5 billion Higher Education Facilities
4 million Office of Inspector General

160 million: Cooperation for National and Community Service
-- 6 million for salaries and expenses

40 million: National Service Trust

Social Security Administration
890 million: Limitation on Administrative Expenses
-- 750 million for replacement of National Computer Center
-- 140 million information technology acquisitions and research
3 million office of the Inspector General

Minimum Wage information starts on page 151
Limitations on use of funds (a lot of them)

Since these two Titles were over 100 pages (see what love of fellow country-people can drive someone to do?), tomorrow's post will not be new title lists.

I need a break from the serious and heavy, and the Republican idiocy.

Look for something on the lighter side for Sunday.


cmacivor February 7, 2009 at 3:10 PM  

Thanks for doing all of this. And thanks for the post on my blog.

skyewriter February 7, 2009 at 3:17 PM  

You are very welcome, Catherine.

I have enjoyed it.

Tomorrow, something a bit lighter.

I love your blog. No need to thank me for comments; I'm just grateful our paths have crossed and we've got cool thing going :).

Thanks for all you do, too.

cmacivor February 7, 2009 at 3:59 PM  

Thanks. I am really glad that i virtually met you too. The NRA wingnuts are really nuts. I am seriously wondering whether I want to do this anymore. On the one hand,I give up and they succeed in silencing yet another voice because they can tap into a blogging 1,000 person or so blogging network and shut you down.

I think I have just really had it...this has been going on for 1o days. They are now calling me a bigot and equating gun ownership with the civil rights struggle. They are delusional.

What I don't like is that groups of bloggers are deliberately doing this now. A woman had to shut down her blog a few weeks ago due to some bloggers doing something that she would not disclose, but it made her very uncomfortable.

It's not right....I'm sorry I am way off topic here.

skyewriter February 7, 2009 at 4:08 PM  

No worries; you have every right to be upset.

You've worked hard to make your blog the great blog that it is.

Can you set a filter to email they send?

I recently discovered that in gmail I can filter certain addresses to go straight to the trash folder.

I know you are battling irrational comments, too. It must get exhausting.

I would sooo miss your blog. It's unfair of these groups to harass people to the point they get off the web and as you say "silencing" voices of disagreement.

cmacivor February 7, 2009 at 4:52 PM  

I tried filtering. They were not happy with that at all. They somehow feel that the First Amendment gives them some sort of entitlement to post comments on my blog. It doesn't. I have shut down comments for now so that I can post everyone's comments except theirs, but I don't like it because it takes away from the fun of commenting. It's not as immediate.

It's just so ridiculous. I posted that angry nutbag's post last weekend. I just posted comments from an alleged Jew who claims that Jews weren't gassed during the holocaust. It's his/her opinion, but if I found out that she was from a white supremacy group who were coming on my blog to purposely spread crazy rantings on my blog, I would not post those comments either.

They actually think the Second Amendment is there to give them the right to throw the government over if it gets out of line. Yikes. No matter whet statistics or arguments you throw their way, none will ever be right if you are a proponent of gun control.

They have now agreed on their blogs to do this to any and all gun control proponents. One of them said that they are not interested in a discussion, that want to use blogs to inform the public of their views.

Oh, I'm rambling...

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