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ARRA 2009: Pages 57-90 Titles III and IV

*Udpate 2.7.09: Here's a link to funding cuts since the bill has been in the Senate. It's pretty diffuse (for example the TSA lost 200 million, but they still have 1 billion), but a couple programs got hit hard.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (I'm referring to it as ARRA) 2009
Installment 3 pages 57-90

As with the previous post these are merely the bare bones numbers.

There's some pretty big ones, but these funds are going to fix, develop, or create new areas of industry in this country.

There's a lot of really good funding for environmental projects and flood and natural disaster relief provisions.

Also some money in Title IV is allotted to clean up nuclear waste (there's more in a later Title for leaking underground storage tanks).

Also there is a HUGE incentive for developing alternate energy technologies and sources-- the most important thing about these incentives: THEY ARE LOANS, which means the government will get paid back and with interest.

We've neglected A LOT of stuff in this country over the last 8 years as we have chased ghosts and phantom WMDs in the Middle East. Also, a lot of YOUR money has been handed over to foreign oil interests.

III: (pages 57-60)
Army: 1.7 billion
Navy: 572 million
Marines: 113 million
Air Force: 928 million
Army reserves: 79.5 million
Navy reserve: 45 million
Marine reserve: 32 million
Air force reserve: 10.6 million
National Guard: 216 million
Air National Guard: 21 million
Defense Production Act Purchases: 100 million

Research and Development: 200 million
Defense health program: 250 million
Office of the inspector: 12 million

IV: (pages 60-90)
Department of defense-civil
25 million for investigations for flood preventions; harbor protection, water protection
--Construction: 2 billion (not less than 200 million for water-related environmental infrastructure assistance)
500 million for the Mississippi for flood damage reduction projects
1.9 billion to ensure maintenance for transportation of goods on the Mississippi and northern lake and tributaries and harbors.
--25 million regulatory oversight (keep them within EPA guidelines)
100 million for clean up of early US atomic energy program
50 million for flood control and coastal emergencies

Department of the Interior
1.4 billion to the Bureau of Reclamation (specifically designated for Native Americans)
--50 million to Central Utah Completion Act
--50 million to the California Bay-Delta Restoration Act
--110 million for water reclamation and reuse projects
--10 million to inspect canals in urban areas

Energy programs: 14.4 billion
2.1 billion for upgrade to green building standards for state and local buildings
2 billion for manufacture of advanced batteries and components
4.6 billion electricity delivery and energy reliability
-- 100 million for worker training
---80 million for future assessment of demand and delivery capacity
4.6 billion for Fossil Energy Research and Development
2 billion for one or more zero or near zero emission power plants
1.5 billion for the development of carbon capture
430 million for Science research and development related to these projects
483 million non-defense environmental cleanup
390 million Uranium Enrichment Decontamination and Decommissioning Fund (70 million until Sept 2010)

50 billion in loans for the Innovative Technology Loan Program (lots of restraints pages 75-77)
-- 15 million for administration of the above loan program
-5 million for the Office of the Inspector General for oversight expenses

Atomic Energy Defense Activities
1 billion National Nuclear Security Administration/Weapons Activities

5.5 billion Environmental and other defense activities/Defense Environmental cleanup

---10 million Construction, rehabilitation, Operation and Maintenance, Western Area Power Administration

Pages 79-90: Policies, procedures, limitations, oversight regulations and amendments

Here's some links to contact your representatives to be sure your voice is heard! Your email doesn't have to be long or menacing; the Republicans have no credibility on the economy. Their policies got us here. We need to know that those who represent us CARE about us.

For your Senators

For your House Representative


Aliceson February 5, 2009 at 1:31 PM  

Wow, It's about time that some money went to actual projects and not just lining the pockets of old, rich white guys. The numbers are huge, but that's what it's going to take.

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