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ARRA 2009: Pages 3-55 Titles I and II

*Udpate 2.7.09: Here's a link to cuts to the funding. It's pretty diffuse (for example the TSA lost 200 million, but they still have 1 billion), but a couple programs got hit hard.

I never would have guessed I would be doing something like this.

If you missed the earlier OVERALL summary of the package here it is. That's a good place to start before reading this post (which is numbers, numbers, numbers).

(Update February 6, 2009: Here's links to summaries of Titles III and IV and V and VI [VII and VIII added 2.7.09]. Visitors from Bnet, I suggest you look at the other links, too, since it gives you a broader picture of the bill than suggested on that blog.)

But below are the bare bones from the first two of the sixteen titles; the financial figures and all.

You'll probably notice that a lot of these items are in a normal Federal budget. It just seems to be accelerated from September to "ASAP".

I tried to keep it simple with line-by-line items. Some of the monies are included in the bigger figures, some are not. Some of the finer points are also missing--that's where reading it becomes helpful :).

Words to look for especially are monies for "construction", "education", and "research"--there's lots and lots of them!

Titles I and II

Title I-- (3-36)
Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Aministration, and related agencies
100 million cooperative state research, education and economic service research and education activities
171 million farm service agency salaries and expenses
400 million ownership loans (17.5 million until 2010)
250 million operating loans (24.9 million until 2010)
200 million direct loans

275,000,000 watershed and flood prevention services
120,000,00 watershed rehab program (until 2010)
110,000,000 rural development salaries and expenses

11.5 billion for rural housing loans (127,000,000 until 2010)
150 million rural business loans (until 2010)
200 million biorefinery assistance (turning cow, chicken and hog poop into yummy energy)
(50 million 2010)
1.375 billion biorefinery (until 2010)

198 million school lunches (page 8)
500 million for WIC programs (page 10)

150 million commodity assistance program

Reports to be made to Congress 90 days after enactment of act and then quarterly thereafter
(25 days after for some ends 2011)
Must act by 120 days after enaction (page 33)

200 million Emergency loans (28.4 million until 2010)
Limit of 100 million for aquaculture

Administration duties (page 14) expenses (page 15)

Oversight and report to congress within 180 days

*This is pretty standard for all of the sections.*

II: (36-57)
20 million operations and administration
150 million economic development programs for workers who experience sudden lost jobs

*Census* 1 billion until 2010; (I think this might be for immigration/student-work visa verification purposes)

9 billion for broadband
libraries, public places, rural places with limited to no access
* not more than 3% may be used for adminsitrative purposes
650 million analog to digital conversion program (90 million of which for education and outreach)
90 million for education and outreach to vulnerable communities, elderly, minority, diabilities, low-income, rural areas
218 million National Institute of Standards and Technology/Scientific and Technical Research and Services
357 million construction of research facilities
470 milliion NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, you know, our weather experts)
795 million Procurement, Acquisition and Construction
--34 million Management
--6 million Inspector General
200 million for national integrated wireless network
150 million detention trustee
--2 million Inspector General
50 million Federal Marshalls
--125 million Construction
75 million FBI
--400 million construction

1 billion for prisons

1.5 billion Office of Justice Programs

440 million for improvement of justice system, assist victims of crime, youth mentoring grants

300 million for violence against women, law enforcement rural areas (meth labs)
1 billion for community oriented policing services
500 million for NASA (subdivided into sections)
1.2 billion National Science Foundation (NSF) until 2010
---150 million construction
---50 million education and human resources
---2 million Inspector General

Purposes (48); transparency (54-55)

So that's the first little installment. The numbers are huge, but the programs and funds are for good things, don't you think?


Aliceson February 5, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

Thanks Skye, and I too will be linking to your posts about the stimulus as it is the most importnat political issue out there right now and needs to be passed ASAP! My hubby needs to keep his job (construction electrician) and I know too many people who are unemployed or on the verge of losing their jobs due to this terrible economy. Money for housing, schools and farms would definitely stimulate the economy around here. And building green? Why not, in some cases the costs are lower. Have you any idea how much waste there is in the construction industry? Staggering really. Thank you!!!

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