Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HEY, YOU! YEAH, YOU who clicked on the other link...

Let me open by writing that this is not addressed to you, faithful and supportive reader. Nor is this to those who click on my link in a blogroll from my faves, either. But please, feel free to share your thoughts on what I am about to write.

This is addressed to those who are clicking on links blown way out of proportion by other anonymous bloggers (who are unable to read through comments and display less-than-average reading comprehension skills)...

Looking back on the over 180 posts on this blog, I don't think I have ever made one negative mention about another blogger and their blog that I have come across online.

(Okay, so one time I got pissed at a shithead [if you are reading this, you-know-who, yeah, I just called you a shithead] who posted a link to my blog on a nasty website with some nasty ass holes that read it and therefore, I posted about said shithead, sans screen name.)

Nor have I ever linked to another individual blogger in order to slam them to make myself look better.

Nor have I ever once written about another blogger for an entire post. As in, that's the post. Writing about another blogger.

Truth is: I don't have to.

Want to know why?

Because I think people who gossip are just plain useless.

One of the smartest women of the 20th century said:

Intelligent people talk about ideas, mediocre people talk about things, and small minded people talk about other people.

I am more convinced than ever that small minded people online are small minded for a few reasons:

  • They are too lazy to read comments for any concessions that may be made based on information provided by commenters. I am not always 100% clear and I do my best to clarify my perspective to readers.
  • They cannot think outside the literal or immediate.
  • Nor are they able to compose blog posts that actually have some substance. Ergo, they must criticize someone else in order to have anything to write about.
Most of my posts may be mediocre and once in a blue moon, when I am not working on my 250 page dissertation, I may luck out and cobble together a few coherent words.

Yet, to those who feel it is necessary to tear down others, online, so that they can gain some kind of social currency with a group of equally pea-brained nincompoops---my response is the same.

Ask yourself this: Aren't you sick to death of all of the negativity spawned and perpetuated by those people whose blogs you are reading? You know, the same ones that led you here?

Can those bloggers make any kind of argument without attacking people and not the issues?

To those visiting for the first time, courtesy of those linkers I mentioned earlier, please, take a message back to that group of *little* boys who I am convinced are inadequate in more ways than just intellect:

I feel sorry for you. I hope you treat the women in your life with more respect than you treat total strangers online. And if you had one iota of the balls you have writing some of the tripe on your blogs about me-- you. would. bring. it. here.

Oh, and to those who are knee-jerk commenters: I. do. not. use. the. word. conservative. once. in. this. post. If you feel like an ass after reading this, it's because you. are. an. ass. It has nothing to do with political affiliations.

And if you can't see the irony in this picture (or woven throughout this post), you really need to lighten up...

Update 5/6/09: Just for you dear reader, please see the comment left after 11 PM sometime last night by someone who thinks he's "calling" me out. This is a prime example of those commenters to which I refer in this post. Apparently, this person doesn't understand the word irony and makes his motives very clear-- to be a complete and utter "la-la-la I can't hear you because you're a hypocrite" commenter.


Dr. Jay SW May 5, 2009 at 2:32 PM  

Hmmm...and I've been disappointed by the lack of attacks on my blog on other sites....

skyewriter May 5, 2009 at 3:30 PM  

As ever, Dr. Jay, thanks for stopping by.

I'm the kind of person at a party who smiles at everyone, fills her wine glass quietly, and prefers to just blend in with the scenery.

I became an academic (in the humanities) for a reason...

I am starting to think my little online hermitage is not so hermitage-y.

Riot Kitty May 5, 2009 at 5:09 PM  

Right with you on gossip. People who do it are a waste of space.

Grandpa Eddie May 5, 2009 at 5:17 PM  


Well said skyewriter.

I haven't been reading your posts for a very long time, but I have never once seen where you have bad-mouthed anyone.

I hope those to who you are referring read this post and actually let it sink in.

Anonymous,  May 5, 2009 at 5:26 PM  

I love how you can hand someone their ass, while kicking it at the same time. You rock!

skyewriter May 5, 2009 at 6:24 PM  

Yeah, Riot, I've never been much for gossip.

Grandpa Eddie: Thank you. I try my best to get through to the numskulls. I don't hold my breath about it tho'.

Pottersfield: You are too kind. I would like to think I have at least a yellow-belt in online Karate.

James May 5, 2009 at 9:12 PM  

Love ya, Skyewriter. Don't let them get to you. Your blog is funny, smart, funny, and nicely written.

True Blue Texan May 5, 2009 at 11:13 PM  


Sadly, they will not get it. But the rest of us enjoyed it immensely.

Mike W. May 5, 2009 at 11:46 PM  

Nor have I ever linked to another individual blogger in order to slam them to make myself look better.

Nor have I ever once written about another blogger for an entire post. As in, that's the post. Writing about another blogger.

Truth is: I don't have to.

Want to know why?

Because I think people who gossip are just plain useless.
And yet interestingly you do all of that in this very post. Aren't you slamming a certain blogger in this post in order to make yourself feel better?

You're not even being sarcastic, poking fun, or attacking someone's statement or position, you are attacking the blogger and the blog in question. You're not even bringing the position of the other blogger into into a more broad discussion/argument.

Nope, instead your flinging insults and name-calling and nothing else.

"Thats the post, writing about another blogger."

You just did exactly that, so apparently you DO have to.

Your hypocrisy is astounding.

mikeb302000 May 6, 2009 at 8:19 AM  

Great post.

I've tried hard on my own blog, and with some success I think, to keep a civil discussion going about some very controversial subjects. It eventually took installing the comment moderation, but I'm about to do away with that again since there's been no need to reject a comment for a good few days now.

Mainly, I try to do what you do which is to practice what I preach and not allow myself to be pulled down to their level.

Congrats to you for running a great blog.

skyewriter May 6, 2009 at 8:53 AM  

Thanks James, True Blue and Mike B.

Mike W:

You proved my point *PERFECTLY!*

Did you not read the last line of the post? I FREELY admitted that I was doing EXACTLY that in this post. I was doing what I was griping about others doing.

You. are. a. moron.

Didn't they teach you to read where you went you school?

skyewriter May 6, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

PS Mike W:
But go ahead and run along to your gang of little boys and copy and paste my comments out of context.

And while you're at it, will you please point out exactly *which* blogger I am talking about or *show me* the link I have *embedded* here to someone else's blog.

Why do you even bother with my blog if it sucks so much? And if I am such a hypocritical bitch?

Seriously, dude, you. need. a. life. or. a. girlfriend. or. both.

I might post comments by you just to show my readers what an idiot you are.

Seeing Eye Chick May 6, 2009 at 9:55 AM  

Mike W. You and I have had some heated, but civilized discourse. And thats alright. But what I dont understand is why you keep coming here? You know she doesn't like you. I am certain that you don't like her. Why not just chock it up to that and leave well enough alone? Honestly I talk to her privately and she doesnt even bring you up then. The only time you come up is when you pop up here on this blog of your own accord.
My advice is this. If you are going to write a counter position on something that she writes of a political or legal position, then do it on the issue, and not based on your subjective perception of her character.
Because right now when yo come here and 20 of your best buddies follow you here to take a crap in her comment section--- it makes you look like a ring leader. I don't believe that is something that you aspire to. It all reflects on you, because those folks follow you.

So that when these people do attempt to take a crap in her comment section, this being her blog, she is entitled to write about it and complain about it. Them or you or anyone jumping up and down really does only prove her point.

If she is not that important, then stop making her that important. The opposite of love is Indifference, not hate.

Mike W. May 6, 2009 at 10:06 AM  

And here we have skye, continuing to act childish and rude and proving my point for me.

Another blogger happened to link to my April 13th post in which I linked to your blog. This in turn drove traffic to your site.

Your reaction to that? This post, where you call me, my blog, and my commenters shitheads and assholes.

So really did you have an actual point to make in this post or was the entire point to just slam me in order to make yourself feel better?

I wasn't "calling you out." Doing so would mean stooping to your level of vitriol, which I will not do. I was merely pointing out the laughable hypocrisy and irony of your post.

Linking to someone else's blog post if you're going to reference a statement or argument they made is generally considered proper blogging ettiquite. I'm sorry you seem to have gotten so pissed that I dared link to you nearly 3 weeks ago, and that another blogger dared link to my post.

2 comments by you in this thread do nothing but personally attack me, call me names and tear me down. Are you really that inadequate?

"hypocritical bitch?" Those are your words not mine. Even if I thought that little of you I would not say so because I will not stoop to your level.

Oh, and spare me. You've made it plainly obvious which blogger you are talking about, particularly given the timing of this post.

You are a sad, nasty woman, as evidenced by your outburst here. I am sorry you're incapable of having a decent, rational discussion. Thought I will say your emotional diatribes give some insight into why you're anti-gun.

skyewriter May 6, 2009 at 10:29 AM  

Actually, Mike W, I was referring to person who posted my blog to the freeper.

But you go right ahead and think you are the center of my universe...

Mike W. May 6, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

If you are going to write a counter position on something that she writes of a political or legal position, then do it on the issueDo a search on my blog for "Skyewriter." You will see 2 posts, that's it. In each, I tie something Skye said into a broader discussion of the ISSUE at hand.

In both posts I discuss her comment or argument within a broader discussion. In neither post do I proceed to insult and attack her, or call her a "shithead" "dick" or "asshole."

The nasty, virtriolic BS personal attacks are coming from her and her alone.

The worst thing said about her in my posts was using sarcasm to poke fun at her statements and attitude.

In the April 13th post that she complains about here the worst thing I said about her was that her position was "irrational" and "pro-ignorance"

If you seek to tell someone to make a post on the issue without throwing out nasty insults at another blogger you should talk to your friend Skye and look no further than this post.

skyewriter May 6, 2009 at 10:49 AM  

Again Mike, you are not the center of my universe. This post was not about you, it was written in the sense of irony, and I *really* wish you would just leave me the eff alone.

As seeing eye put it: I don't like you-- you don't like me-- move on. I don't go to your blog and harass you because I. don't. care. what. you. write.

Again. And. Please. read. this. slowly. THIS. POST. IS. NOT. ABOUT. YOU. YOU. NARCISSISTIC. KNOBHEAD.

James May 6, 2009 at 10:56 AM  

Dude, the lady has asked you to leave on several occasions and you have seemed to way overstay your welcome. Do the right thing, the gentlemanly thing, and leave her be.

I will say this, skyewriter. These people really try to make your blog about themselves and what they want to talk about.

Personally, I loved this post and thought it was hilarious and rather generic in its references. I never would have known about any links from Mike W if he didn't come here and complain.

Seeing Eye Chick May 6, 2009 at 1:38 PM  

I encourage everyone who has posted or attempted to post on this comment section, to go outside and admire the season. Its springtime and we should all be outside and not, attached by some electrical umbilicus to a computer. Life is too short as it is.

Personally, after I do my laundry I am taking the kids to plant seeds for loofahs and bird house gourds.

skyewriter May 6, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

Mmmmm, loofahs....
I never knew they grew from seeds.

Altho' I have a decidedly brown thumb so I wouldn't know planting from anything.

Thanks James and Seeing Eye.

Hope your weather where you are is better than here; 55, muggy and rainy.

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