Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Warning: I am schizo today and all over the place

Do you ever feel like if you talk about something you want sooooo badly, you're gonna jinx yourself?

Well, I'm going to briefly mention that my phone interview yesterday with the university at which I am seeking an appointment next fall went Faaaab-u-lous (wish there was someway to convey it in a sing-songy way).

I read something recently on Creative Endeavors that made me cry (I am having some mood swings, stick with me). A young woman in Somalia was stoned to death for seeking help from officials after she was raped. Here's the blog post.

Why is the world so effing crazy?

I hope that the next four years will bring the plight of women affected by any form of extremism to a more central place on the global stage. It's not a happy thing to think about, but nothing will ever change for those in other places not lucky enough to be born here if we don't try to do something about it. Here's a good place to start. We are the change we seek in the world!

And I will leave you (hopefully) with a bit of a giggle.

Thanks for visiting. Off to work on that cross-stitch.


Seeing Eye Chick December 3, 2008 at 3:38 PM  

I have that cartoon on my fridge--since 2001.

Its a classic.

Addressing the Somalian issue would take a whole blog--its that screwed up.

Good luck on the other. Nod Wink!

skyewriter December 3, 2008 at 9:02 PM  

Yeah, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi. . . there's so much suffering and not enough attention. Instead we get to see and read news about the great idiota from the north and Fortune 500 Companies asking for handouts.


Thanks for visiting; looking forward to a new post from you-- they're always good for perspective and insight.

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