Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Registering only Republicans

Here's what's scary about this: everything.

A young woman, completely ignorant of how even the *registration* process works, is caught doing something that she was told to do by someone with obviously illegal motives--- if indeed she is working for the county clerk's office.

The scariest thing about it: she's a young woman that has no idea that if Romney/Ryan get elected, their first order of business is to set up shop in her reproductive system and tell her when and how she will procreate. Heaven forbid she might get pregnant as a result of a rape: if that tragedy would come to pass, it would be obvious to Romney/Ryan and his ilk that she wasn't *really* raped, right? Since during a *legitimate* rape a woman's body just shuts down... ergo, if she would get pregnant after a sexual assault, it wasn't *really* a sexual assault...

These same candidates will make it harder for her to borrow money to go to college. Too, she would likely pay more in taxes under the Romney/Ryan "plan." She could likely kiss social security and medicare goodbye for her grandparents. This poor child is the face of the millions being brainwashed by the Republican ticket this fall and I'll be damned if I am going to sit by and them win...


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