Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Been So Long, I...

... didn't even know where to go to write a new post. Seriously, Blogger. Why did you go changing things up on me? Pitiful. Downright neglectful and silly (of me).

Notable news: Tom defended his dissertation last month and walks in commencement this weekend. We are officially the "doctors." Sounds pretentious, right? Well, if you equate the equivalent of a mortgage payment in student loans every month with pretension, then indeed-- go on with your bad self. We must be totally crazy since we are looking to lock ourselves into a "real" mortgage by the end of this year. House-hunting has been a strange marital experiment. Slightly less terrible than the writing and defending of two-- count them--- TWO dissertations in our household in the last three years. But, slightly better than having Tea-Publicans as our local, state and federal representation. What the heck is going on in politics? It's like there's an election this year, or something.

So much has happened in the last several months since my last post, I don't know where to begin.

Here's a quick run-down and then I'll be back for more in the coming weeks:
I am 30 pounds lighter (literally) since I last posted!
No more migraines or back aches... yay, me.
We still have two cats, no kids (not going to), and are both gainfully employed with full benefits.
The down-side: not much. But give me a couple of weeks... I'm sure I'll get back to my usual frothy self.

Thanks for stopping by and I would say looking forward to comments, but I am not sure I will know how to find them!


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