Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hump Day: Thanks For the Sex Toy Links

I am in deep denial.



It is indeed the holidays, but I refuse to participate this year.

120 students have officially sucked every ounce of x-mas spirit out of me. I have been baking cookies; stockings have been hung; we strung lights on the maple in the front yard (photos forthcoming); we cannot have an indoor tree because our two kitty babies discovered the third dimension we call "up".

So rather than concern myself with the impossible challenge of trying to write something meaningful, I will just say: "Hi. How ya doin'?" and welcome any comments not linked to sex toy sites. Really... I am getting loads of those in the moderation screen; thanks to those who are so thoughtful. Seriously, 40 posts in five months does not warrant such specialized attention... but thanks. Er. Thanks?

Happy hump day all.


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