Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home, Home on the Plains (in every sense of that word)

I hope I don't offend any flatlanders with what I am about to type here (I am a native flatlander myself) but the Great Plains here in central Indiana are "plain" indeed compared to the great "range" out West.

We just got home from an extended stay near Yellowstone, WY. We went to the park/forest five days and saw some amazing things.

Here's just one (Lower Canyon Falls from Artist's Point):

About 30 minutes before I took this picture we hiked down Uncle Tom's Trail to the left of the falls in the picture above and I shot a video that blogger won't let me upload... I am still learning the interface!

We had an incredible time and just enjoyed spending time away in nature and managed to do pretty much everything we set out to do and then some. Our plan is to go back next May sometime for a longer stay in the park itself... since we did most of the major spots on the loop, next trip we are planning to go a bit off the beaten path.

Our drive home from the airport in Indy was at 1 a.m. this morning and I was glad we drove in the dark so we wouldn't be immediately reminded of how flat and frankly, dull, the landscape is here. However, there are lots of places for us to visit down south in Indiana where nature shows a bit more character... and hopefully I will have time in the coming months to post about what we find in our own part of the world before heading back out west...


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