Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here? Me, too...

After reading, seeing and hearing all about the end of the world today, I just wanted you all to know I am in the boat-load of sinners still sailing the seas of life.

Not raptured and not bummed about it... I wish something like that would *really* happen so all of the self-righteous pricks and bitches would just get the hell off the planet and leave those of us who entrust our minds to science and fact (not mythiness) to get to the work of improving things around these here parts of the solar system.

Sadder still are those that believe this nonsense and do harm to others (like their children) in order to save them the end-times:

I wonder if all of those who aren't raptured today and who are devout Apocalyptics will admit that they were wrong or that maybe they aren't going to be among the chosen? Doubt it. Seriously.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have a confession: I am glad that Bin Laden is dead. Yeah, he was a Grade-A Fuck-a-doodle-do. No doubt about it. I am glad for any modicum of "peace" it may offer to grieving families.

*However* I am more than a little disturbed by all of the revelry going on. I can't shake the feeling that all of the *celebration* is not unlike radical parades where folks fire weapons into the sky for zealous causes.

One death will not bring back the countless *thousands* of lives lost on and since September 11, 2001. One death will not atone for all of the senseless attacks on unarmed, innocent people since then, the millions of gallons of blood and tears shed.

I shudder a bit to see so many people *rejoicing* at one death. Why all the barbaric "let's see his body" garbage? Or "show us pictures of the scene." I makes me wonder how "civilized" our society truly is in the face of these events that seem to glorify violence and justify violence as the final solution to problems. I don't have an answer to break the cycle, but we at least must try to break OPEN the meaning of that cycle...

Don't get me wrong; I am glad the prick is dead. Ten million bullets don't nearly approach the justice he so rightfully deserved. If I were religiously inclined I would offer, further, that I hope he's roasting in the inferno, balls in the hottest white spot. However, have we become so parched with revenge that we, as Americans, have turned into grave dancers?


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