Friday, November 21, 2008

What's your turkey doing the week before Thanksgiving?

Odds are it's not witnessing a Sarah Palin news conference (more on that later).

Let me start by saying I am not a vegetarian. And I respect people's choices in their food and expect the same from them.

I met my first vegan (I'll call her Sally) in 1995; she was a bridesmaid in my friend's sister's wedding. We were at a restaurant two days before the wedding: Sally, my friend, her sister, their 5 year old nephew (Sam) and me.

The 5 year old wanted to order a hot dog. Sally looked at him and asked: "Sammy, do you know how they make hot dogs?"

Sammy just stared at her.

"No?" she said. "Well, a baby pig is born, they feed the pig and torture the pig, then they kill the pig, cut it into pieces and made into hot dogs." And here I thought hot dogs were all ass and lips?

I'm not a PETA person (interesting that the Daily Picasso [at left 11/21/08] is a matador), but I do think animals should be treated ethically. I'm glad California passed the referendum on confined feeding limitations (but ashamed for them that they withdrew constitutional protection for gay marriage). K-Fos (confined feeding operations), as we call them here in the midwest, are disgusting, smelly operations where food animals "live" their "lives" in the smallest of "living" spaces, crapping on each other and in general misery.

That's a horrible way to live but I can't think of a worse way to die than to have Sarah Palin be the last voice you hear before the chipper gets you. Those turkeys surely deserve a place in turkey heaven for having to suffer this hell on earth. I didn't watch the whole video because I want to enjoy my turkey next Thursday, but it does have a warning that it is graphic.

I'll be having turkey next Thursday at my sister's home outside Chicago with 20 immediate family members. One thing I know for sure and with a great sense of peace; it will not be a Wasilla Oven Stuffer Roaster.


Aliceson November 21, 2008 at 1:36 PM  

Sally seemed very serious about her cause, her delivery may have been a bit coarse.

Our family switched to free-range eggs over the summer, and for the most part only buy locally grown beef. It's not always convenient or cost effective but I know that it's a more humane existance for the animals and tastes much better.

Why is Sarah Palin still in the news? Poor turkeys.

Sidhe November 21, 2008 at 7:16 PM  

Well dear, you know I've had a love/hate relationship with meat for years escalating to a frothy head when I found I could no longer give blood because I may have been exposed to Mad Cow Disease. I'm now at peace with meat because I grow my own. I know that my cattle, hogs and chickens are humanely treated (almost spoiled, seriously, in the winter my husband mixes milk powder with warm water for the piggies because they need extra calories in the cold weather). They always have access to fresh air and shelter, we don't feed them any nasty antibiotics or icky animal byproducts, they get lots of petting and loving (my son even serenades the chickens). We are a little sad when we butcher but we know they've been treated well and they really do taste good (sorry PETA).

Oh, and Sarah Palin is a complete idiot.

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