Monday, November 10, 2008

Waiting for the inauguration is like watching hair grow

I've been trying to work on the chapter three revision of my dissertation (just sent it a few moments ago to my Chair and am rewarding self by blogging).
Ugh. Cannot wait to get my degree next May.

M&H (see blog above) had a great post today about life and the choices we make. Obviously, our country made a great choice last Tuesday (gosh, has it not even been a WEEK?!?!? The hell? How am I ever going to survive until January 20, 2009? It might as well be 2109).

But now I think it's about the other choices-- staying on the asses of our politicians to make sure they do the jobs we hired them for, getting our armed services out of harms way and leave those countries with whom we are at war with a stable structure of government (that THEY choose). Giving support to our troops once they return-- financial support for their health and their educations. We need to let gay people get married; it's a right, not a privilege allowed only the chosen. We NEED TO STOP GIVING MONEY TO GREEDY, POORLY RUN COMPANIES LIKE AIG! Do you realize they just got another $40,000,000,000!!!???? The f**k? Here's that number again:


This to the company that spent over $2,000,000 in ONE WEEKEND to reward it's CEOs and executives with massages, and pedicures and HAIR CUTS!

Larry David had a great line on the huff post a last week; waiting for election day to get here was like waiting for biopsy results. Gads, how true.

Right now reminds of the time just after I finished six months of chemo and my scans were all clear. Waiting for my hair to grow back in and get caught up on some rest.

How fast does hair grow? I think it's about a half an inch per month or something. That means if you let your hair grow, once it reaches your shoulders it's two years old.

The stock market may still be in the toilet, the housing crisis will still be with us, gas and everything else will cost too much. But one thing for sure is: except for chemo folks and men who are balding (I love you!)- we'll all be a bit harrier by the time January 20th rolls around. I know I will be; I can't afford a haircut. *

* and you bald fellas will have little extra money in your pockets.


Aliceson November 10, 2008 at 1:30 PM  

Dissertation? I can barely come up with mindless blog worhty writing. Good luck to you- that's dedication.

Totally get the hair growing out thing. When my Mom's hair grew back after chemo, it came back curly and red, before it was brown and straight. So hopefully this new administration will be like my mom's hair- fresh and new and a sign of hope.

Enjoying your blog!

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