Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Debate: Palin Style

I feel icky just typing that name in the title of this post but I cannot stop myself from a wee comment.

Palin's favorite "dodge and parry" in terms of the limits of her debate style boil down to one simple move: a familiar retreat behind the vague "patriotism" she and her ilk are so loud at professing.

Problems with her nonsensical position:
1. She thinks that if people attack *her* they are attacking the U.S.

2. She equates her consistent ineptitude with "down-homeyness" instead of idiocy.

3. This country was founded by people who fought for the right to express their own ideals however they saw fit and that includes each's own definition of what it means to love one's country.

4. She presses the fanatic/panic button before a threat even arises. (Defensive much?)

Hope all have a happy and safe St. Patty's.


Poietes March 17, 2010 at 7:28 PM  

Palinator's idea of patriotism is so skewed that it makes my brain hurt. The woman would not know how to conduct a true argument/debate if her life depended upon it. Let's hope that our lives never depend upon it.

Dr. Jay SW March 18, 2010 at 12:03 AM  

Nice to see ya posting again, even with that repulsive name in the title (then, if I don't read the rest of the post, I can pretend it refers to Michael Palin, my favorite member of Monty Python).

Since I did, though... 1. is pretty much the default Republican position, though usually not until they're actually in power. Thus, any criticism of a Republican president=treason. Threatening secession or assassination of a Democratic president=patriotism.

Then, I guess what makes Palin (not Micheal...the other one) so repulsive is that she takes these common right wing tropes, already so transparently bogus and offensive, and pushes them even further...and gets away with it...

Seeing Eye Chick March 18, 2010 at 10:18 AM  

That is because Palin doesn't debate. She spews propaganda. Wrapping herself in the flad to deflect criticism--because an attack on her is an attack on patriotism--Uh--Thats familiar--and very biblical. "You are either with Christ or Against Christ." Palin's religious roots go way back to the New Israeliism which equates America with the Promised land and its Christian inhabitants with the covenant. So to her that is what its like. An attack on her is an attack on "Authentic Patriotism" that is what all that "real American" bullshit is all about in her stump speeches.

The crap about H8ters--that's just the political equivalent of "You hit a girl--you are bad!" Because remember most Republicans like her because she's got nice gams, not because she has a brilliant mind obviously. So she appeals to that neanderthal--must protect girl--instinct whenever things get too hot for her and start to melt her Barbie Boobs.

Its like watching a 10 yr old trying to debate right after discovering that those mosquito bites on her chest grew in mass.

Palin doesn't debate, she preens. Big difference there.

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