Sunday, January 17, 2010

Keurig Rocks: Or; Why I Don't Go to Church


Preachy people.

Self-righteous people who think they are better than other people because they go to a building where they sit in pews and pray memorized prayers and look at a dead guy on a cross (is my post-traumatic-Catholic showing?).

I am currently hopped-up on decadent, brewed grounds easily accessed via pre-measured, self-contained K-cups of caffeinated bliss. Thank [insert external force of personal choice here] I did not try to blog on the second cup... it may have gotten ugly.

Despite the title of this post, I am not blogging today about church. For those readers who find solace and a sense of community and purpose in church: I am happy for you and mean no insult.

The focus of today's screed is preachy people.

The same types who go to blogs, or professional list-servs, snark, and post opinion and then complain that no one wants to *engage* them.

Fuck. NO, no one wants to engage you if you conduct yourself like this.

Why should they?

When people sense that a person's only purpose is to insult, disrupt, and belittle, they will not engage said person and back away.


As if from a wild, wounded animal that does not *want* help but merely wants to let you know how HURT! MAD! RIGHT! they are. There is no reasoning with someone whose only lines of thinking are "You are wrong because you suck" or "You are going to hell because this book says so" or "You atheists are the reason our country is suffering" or "Haitians are dying and suffering because they made a pact with the devil."

No. I am only interested in "conversing" with those who are respectful and have a modicum of social skills. I don't respond well to preachers. Those who claim to have the capital-T Truth figured out and no one else is entitled to an opinion or a point of view. People who cannot listen. They want to monologue.

Good luck with that.

And so I will close today's brief blogologue* (cuz that's really what a blog is unless you have faithful, good commenters like I do *hint, hint*) by simply saying:

People are a bag of contradictions. And if you haven't figured that out yet, you do not live in reality and/or have not reached maturity equal to a college freshman.

I am off to go have another cup 'o joe to which I recently became addicted after purchasing the evil Keurig. Or maybe a Chai Latte. Another bit of ammo for the trolls: I am a librul, chai-latte-drinkin', edumakated, eleetist who won't play with you. Go to church; those folks will be nice to you in order that they score metaphysical points for some collective delusion of an after-life. I'd rather go to hell; all the fun people are there.

* Copyrighted term by Tom, my patient, brilliant, and magnificent husband.


Aliceson January 17, 2010 at 11:47 AM  

Sunday morning coffee at home (especially on cold days) is a tradition for me, except I usually add a shot of Bailey's too. ;)

So nice to see you back in Blogland again! And enjoy your church free Sunday morning!

Riot Kitty January 17, 2010 at 1:58 PM  

You know - that part about no one wanting to engage them TOTALLY reminds me of one of our off and on volunteers. Each phone call is an hour of my life that I'll never get back (fortunately they aren't too frequent) spent dwelling on organizational mistakes made years ago (before my time.) Then he complains in an e-mail, "Nobody gets me." Perhaps a therapist should get you!

Dr. Jay SW January 17, 2010 at 2:14 PM  

There are lotsa reasons I don't go to church...preaching and the soft, tasty communion of my Sunday morning coffee with jazz and the New York Times among them...wait a second...have I become an urban librul eleetist cliche? (Well, at least I drink my coffee black, like a real truck drivin', Nascar watchin',

I'm often struck by the incredible passive-aggression of a lot of interweb beings--the casual and barely concealed broad insults followed by the expressions of shock that people were insulted by them and insulted back. That actually bothers me more, perhaps because it's so much more effective, than the more overt approach that makes no bones about wanting to insult, disrupt, belittle. Of course, no one does this better than those who claim to be full of love as they threaten you with hell...

Shady Lady January 17, 2010 at 5:52 PM  

Enjoy your Sunday, Skye. I know we's a lazy Sunday in the Shady house.

I've never been to churh, although there have been synagogue services in my past.

Jews don't believe in hell, so I have no idea where I'm going, but perhaps we can finally meet when we both get there.

(Side note: Sorry you can't comment on my blog! :( That's just so weird. You could always email me... shadylady at maintcc dot com I'd love to hear from you!)

Seeing Eye Chick January 18, 2010 at 3:15 PM  

I have to say, that bullshit stereotype about Librul-Latte-Drinkers has gotten on my Last fucking nerve. {not that its your fault or even the subject of your post, but...} I picked up my coffee habit, while stationed overseas during Wartime. Stick that in yer pipes and smoke it, you palinclones.

Okay back to Skye's actual subject. Preachy People--Yea, my response is: "Who are you trying to convince?"

I have yet to find an organized religion that hasn't been organized around some seriously politically charged bullshit. There I said it. Not East, not West, not New Age, or other. Period.

Some of us, don't need to be threatened with hell, in order to behave. Some of us, can see that there are benefits to be had, collectively if we can do our best to be good neighbors.

Preachy People usually suck as Neighbors. It would be like living in a Neighborhood Association Cabal. I don't need my neighbors spying on me, in the hopes of having something [anything] to feel superior about, in the course of their day.

Serious theologians understand these pitfalls and do their best to extract the useful and applicable wisdom layered inbetween the BS. Preachy people are incapable of discerning that the layers exist.

So I don't blame you there Skye. Preachy People are beyond simply annoying. They are like sugar in the gas tank of Humanity.

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